Finally enjoy a lightweight silky lotion for the summer and fall that still leaves your skin hydrated, moisturized, and feeling soft and not heavy! Enjoy the Naturally unscented that smells of natural Shea and hemp seed oil. Perhaps you would enjoy more of the peppermint tea tree lotion that gives that tingling sensation to your skin while leaving it smelling and feeling oh so fresh! Maybe you’re more of a citrus kind A person then you definitely want to try our lemon and orange lotion that isn’t too strong and citrus but just right! And if you are one that does like citrus but you like to switch it up a little bit then you want to try our orange and rosemary lotion, still enjoying that nice sweet orange with the benefit of the rosemary sensual to leave your skin feeling tingly and refreshed!

Lemon and Orange Shea & Hemp Silky Lotion

  • Raw African Shea Butter, Hempseed Oil, Water, Emulsiyfying Wax, Lemon and Orange essential oil

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