Experiencing tired, achy muscles from long days at work or taking care of the kids every day? Your body needs some love too and we have just the cure with our rejuvenating bath salts works. They work hard to naturally relieve muscle tension, pain and inflammation in your joints. To fully benefit from this product, submerge yourself in a warm bath by pouring up to half of the bottle into the tub. As you sink into the warm water and feel the soak start to take effect, let the tension headaches, abdominal cramps and muscle aches melt away. You can also use this product solely for tired and sore feet by pouring ¼ of the product into a bowl of warm water and submerging your feet for a good soak. And with the relaxing and tranquil smell of lavender, your scents and muscles alike will thank you. 16oz jar

Rose & Himalayan Detox Bath Salts

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