(Introduction in E-Book series) Let me introduce myself "My name is Sunny"...Lol Just kidding! My name is Octavia Maxwell, proud yet humble owner of Skin Deep Naturals. I am a young, black, happily married woman with one beautiful daughter. I am a full-time entrepreneur and I plan on keeping it that way now that I am free of the government and political world! I'll tell you more about that in a moment! But nevertheless, I am living out my dreams and I want to help you do just the same! But before we chat about how exactly to do that, I want to take a little time telling you about my work background and where I come from so you know where my grind comes from. In high school, I had plans to become a lawyer but for some odd reason I felt God leading me into Business for some reason. I took a chance and went to Russell Sage College as a Business Major and I literally switched to Criminal Justice after one semester! It was hard and I partied a bit too hard after being so sheltered growing up. But nevertheless, I went back to pursing my dreams to go to law school. I finished with a 3.1 GPA and I landed a job at the NYS Assembly after my intership there for 6 months. I began studying for my LSAT's and God told me in the middle of my studies "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LAW SCHOOL"...Like straight up! I could'nt believe it but I let the idea go and right after a new thing came to fruition which is now my business.Your probably wondering, "Octavia, what exactly do you do?" I'll tell you, stop being so impatient! lol What I do is I create all natural skin and hair care products for men and women of all shades, textures and personalities. I have been doing it for nearly 5 years now and I have managed to grow outside of just selling online and at outdoor events but in over 10 different brickand mortar stores...Here's how I did it...

How to Sell Your Product in Stores

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