Enjoy the sweet scents of hibiscus, pomegranate and hints of cinnamon in this incredible body scrub that does not fail to deliver results! There are so many benefits to a sea salt scrub, one of which being the reduction of dead skin cells and inflammation. With this scrub you will see the reduction of wrinkles, signs of aging/aging spots, and observe overall improvement of your skin's elasticity and collagen production.


This is a one-stop miracle scrub that will do great things for your skin by improving its overall look, feel and health while smelling delightful.With its moisturizing and softening properties, it allows your skin to feel and smell fresh. 


Bonus -- you can also use this as an exfoliator for your lips.

Hibiscus Red Sea Salt Scrub

  • Keep refrigerated after having it out for 2-3 days. Mix well before use, natural products tend to separate.