We have done it again!! We have formulated a perfectly balanced, highly effective protein mask that will make your curls pop, reduce breakage, strengthen the hair, dramatically reduce frizz, reduce hair loss, smooth the cuticle and make your hair styling a lot easier! Plus its VEGAN!We hand picked perfectlly all organic and natural ingredients that work together for the good of your overall heath, strength, growth & beauty. The consistency is like smooth chia pudding that melts into the hair strains allowing it to instantly soften the hair's cuticle instantly! Easy application and incredible slip to glide your fingers through your hair is all we crave for!With the beautiful scents of its natural form which is like sweet Hibiscus tea with Honey, its no wonder this hair product is predicted to blow up on the charts for how incredible it feels, smells and performs!

Coconut & Hibiscus Protein Hair Mask