This mask is the TRUTH to Lifting, anti-aging, no more wrinkles, enhancing skins elasticity and beautifying all around! This eye mask has a sweet spice scent of Hibiscus, Tumeric and Coconut. This eye creams is a semi-thick creamy mask and a little goes a looooong way! The tingling sensation that you first get putting on this mask is telling you that it is working girl! The Combination of the nourishing Coconut Milk, the fighting power of Tumeric and the Lifting and beautifying benefits of the Hibiscus is going to turn those eye bags into a magic trick and "Disssapear" beneath your very eyes! You will notice a big difference in just 1 week, no need to thank me we only want you to have the best results for less naturally!

Coconut & Hibiscus Eye Mask

  • Start off with a cleanse face and towel dry. Apply a dime size of eye mask under each eye from your nose to the end of your eyebrow. You will notice a satifying and tickling sensation after apply the eye mask, don't worry that means it's kicking in fast and it's obsorbing into your skin to give off those benefits! Leave on until it is fully dry (Typically 15-20 mins) and rinse off and towel dry. 

  • Coconut Milk, Coconut Water, Austrailian Pink Clay, Hibiscus Powder, Tumeric Powder, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Optiphen (Natural perservative) 

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