We never mean to damage our hair, but with excessive shampooing in the shower can be incredibly stripping to our scalp and hair follicles leaving no natural oils. I’m sure you’ve tried other no-poo shampoos to no avail and they haven’t delivered. But no worries, this is a product that will still provide that squeaky-clean sensation without the harshness of a shower with traditional shampoo.  As a bonus, this product can also be used as a detangler!
This no-poo will still eliminate all product buildup and will pH balance your hair cuticles, nourishing minerals to your follicles. With a scent blend that smells like coconut, raw honey and added hints of oatmeal, your hair will smell fresh, feel clean and your hair follicles will be renewed Feel free to use it down there to restore, balance and refresh! **VEGAN PRODUCT**

Coconut & Acacia No-Poo Shampoo