What do you mean "No Poo" I like my suds! I know I know, ME TOO! But note that all those suds can be very stripping to your scalp and hair follicles leaving no natural oils that your body naturally produces behind. BUT DON'T BE FOOLED! Although you won't get the shampoo commerical suds, you will get the same squeeky clean feelin without that terrible dry stripped feeling of all your natural oils stripped away! All product buildup will be all washed away by this shampoo and it will PH balance your hair cuticles and bring back nourishing minerals to your folicles to make your hair POP! Oh and that SCENT! It's like a Sugar Cookie that you’ll be ready to bit into! The natural scent from the Coconut water and Raw Honey was beautiful enough but we went ahead and took it up another notch and added hints of Oatmeal & Honey! P.S. this shampoo can be used a detangling moisturizing shampoo as well!

Coconut & Acacia No-Poo Shampoo


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