An eco-friendly natural shampoo that will cleanse, moisturize and detangle all at the same time!


This shampoo bar is made up of black soap in its purest form, mixed with oils that are meant to hydrate your hair cuticles and refresh your roots and scalp.


This product can be used on all hair types but can be a curly girl’s best friend. The hydration, moisture and health that this product brings, naturally to your hair is unparalleled. As an added bonus, as with most of our products, this shampoo soap doubles as a body wash too! 


Since this is an eco-friendly product, you don't have to worry about throwing out a bottle, it easily runs down the drain without clogging and makes for less waste. Please note that this product is safe for all skin types.

Black Soap Shampoo Bar

  • Store at room temperature.