Embrace Falls warmth, changing colors and Pumpkins with our Autumn Spice Red Reef Scrub. This scrub is no ordinary scrub and should only be used at night. It contains warm spices like All Spice and Nutmeg to bring in the Autumn’s warmth and has Pumpkin extract and Pumpkin Powder because it's not Fall without pumpkins! This scrub also contains Austrailian Red Reef Clay to bring out that gorgeous Red Fall color and help tighten your pores, reduce your skin's impurities and gives your skin that wonderful nourishment during the colder seasons. Smells like a beautiful spice rack but don't worry this can be used on both your face and your entire body. This scrub will certainly warm your dry pores during the cold winter months and give your skin the radiance and moisture it needs!

Autumn Spice Red Reef Scrub

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  • Start off with cleansing your face, pat dry and then apply a nickle size amount to your face and use quarter size scoops to apply to the rest of your body. You will notice those spice notes and your entire body will become as red as the scrub! No worries, once fully applied then go in with a cleansing soap and do your normal shower routine, it washed right off while leaving your skin smooth, soft and beautiful! 

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