• Octavia M.

Turn Your Failures into Success

How your failures can help you succeed

Currently now in this moment, I feel like a failure...I have been striving for more in my life when it comes to my business, my career goals, my spiritual life, myself and I have failed over again over again. To be honest, it's because of the failures and disappointments that I've faced actually helped me to grow, succeed further than I ever had and accomplish so much more. Let me tell you how...

When you ask yourself "Why" This is good! When you come to a point when you tried something out and it didn't "work" the way you hoped or wanted you come to a place when you asked yourself "why did this happen" or "why didn't this work?" When you ask yourself why, you begin to reflect on every detail even the small ones on how something could have went south? This is where the real benefit comes in...how you could have done something different!? When you reflect on how you could of done something better, it allows you not only to be a great innovator and observant of these mistakes but also allows you not to make those mistakes again!

When you first don't succeed It's always a tough decision when you had put forth blood, sweat and money into something you were passionate about and it fails. When I say fail I mean, it didn't get enough responses, it slowly died off or it simply didn't work the way it was supposed to. Which does suck! I know how you feel. I have learned though that when one thing doesn't work, move on to the next idea you may have. Just because that first idea didn't succeed doesn't mean your next great idea won't! So get back up and try something new, don't give up!

Knowing when to stop and start again This is essential...We as stubborn human beings, get so caught up in something we don't even realize is only doing more harm than good. But once you get to that pivotal moment in your life and realize after a couple of months, a few years or more and you notice that something just isn't working then please by all means stop but start something new or keep doing what does works and continue to improve. If you are like myself, with many talents, then try another career path or project or idea and see how that goes. Never give up the dream to one day be your own boss, you'll be surprise what doing what you love will lead you to!

Happy to help.

We hope these tips to turn your failures into success were helpful. Never give up and keep pushing for your dreams!!

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