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Natural Deodorant is a MUST!!

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Consumers have become more AND MORE aware of the toxic chemicals in deodorants and have now switched to Natural alternatives; here's a few reasons why!

Natural is simply BETTER!

If you've experienced breakouts or weird reactions to store-bought deodorants then you know the pain and headaches from using such deodorants. Using Natural deodorants eliminates the toxic chemicals from seeping into your bloodstream and causing breakouts, peeling skin and any other weird reactions we get from using those toxic deodorants. Natural deodorants like our "DeDe Deodorants" is made with simply, raw, organic ingredients that are hypoallergenic and at the same time doesn't leave that white residue on your skin and clothes while giving off a fresh scent all day!

Armpits need a little extra TLC

An antiperspirant or deodorant can also contain parabens -- a form of preservative that can be shown to mimic the activity of estrogen in the body's cells. For years, theories and studies have hypothesized that exposure to either parabens or aluminum chloride that is found in more deodorants can lead to an increased cancer risk, Alzheimer and so much more. With that being said, you should DEFINITELY find Natural alternatives for deodorants because apparently using traditional ones are killing us slowly!

The end results always matters

Although in the past decade, consumers have become more aware of the risks of continuing the use of these non-natural products and have switched and become more "Natural" in their skin and hair care, consumers still expect great results but some people don't believe that their results could be just as good as the original product. Change can be scary but don't worry, CHANGE IS GOOD! With our DeDe Deodorants in particular, they are all natural, have a creamy, soft and smooth consistency, a little bit goes a long way (long lasting), leaves your armpits "Smelly Free", and best of all, they don't leave any white residue on your clothing! Give it a try and you might just love it!

Want to see these benefits in your Deodorant?

Shop on our website today or visit Honest Weight if you are local, you can shop for our DeDe Deodorants. The available scents available in store is Lavender Cinnamon and Lemon Orange. Online we have Cucumber Melon Orange, Apple Grapefruit, Lavender Cinnamon and Ocean Breeze.

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