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5 Reasons Why I Won't Have A Business Partner

  1. I already had one before and I hated it! Yes, you heard me, I once had a business partner before and we were not two peas in a pod either! We were partners for about a year before we broke up in the most annoying way! She had her ideas, I had mine, She wanted to go hear, I didn't want to go there. So, when dealing with a business partner, I learned that it's very similar to being married...If you don't click it won't work. You have to be of the same mindset!

  2. I like being my own boss, without the second opinion. Now don't get me wrong, I do take advice and suggestions all the time from my customers, family and friends. In fact, I ask for ways to improve on our products, display and so forth so that I can assure that my customers are always happy and satisfied. But having that second person with equal say as yourself can not only become annoying sometimes but a real pain! Because now you have to come to an compromising agreement that you may not be willing to make.

  3. Opportunity to breakup a good business. Every business doesn't need two owners to do the job. Some businesses, like ourselves, can operate just fine with one person spearheading the entire business. Once there are two people involved in the decision making it can cause good things to come from it but it can also lead any business, even a great business to fail in the matter of a few months or a few years! Already, small businesses fail in the first 3 years starting them; but if you have a business partner that number could increase or sadly decrease!

  4. Unwanted Micromanaging! If any of you currently work for someone now, you may know what I am talking about when it comes to your boss, your supervisor or your co-workers micromanaging you at work. This too can happen even in a business partnership. Once again, don't get me wrong, it can be very beneficial having an extra pair of hands or eyes checking to see if what you are doing is in order for the good of your the business. But, if that person is constantly checking, re-checking, criticizing and bad mouthing your work that can become a real problem; FAST!

  5. I've learned my lesson the hard way... The reason I even had a business partner when I first started this business was because I have no real knowledge of how to go about starting one. All I knew how to do was to sell the product. For those of you who have met me in person, most of you would say I am a great sales woman (Why Thank you!) but that alone won't make a business. My old partner appeared to have known more business knowledge then myself but that is no reason to make them your partner. Get advice from others or even have someone work under you but be careful who you give equal power to when it comes to your business.

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