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Is our Business tailored for Men?

I've probably been asked that about 20 times since I've started this business. Here's a little percent analayist of my customers...YOU MAY BE SHOCKED!

Caucasian: 70% Women: 80% Ages 90-70: 2% African American: 25% Men: 20% Ages 69-55: 8% Hispanic: 2.5% Ages 54-40: 45% Indian: 1.5% Ages 39-21: 35% Asian: 1% Ages 20- under:10%

This is my own personal percentage rate. I bet some of you were shocked and others not so much. But let's continue on with our Men shall we?!

When Men shop with us what do they usually look for and/or buy!?

Men tend to come for believe it or not our Soap and beard oils and creams! I do have Men that love our soaps and it's the top selling product among our male customers. For those who grow beards they tend to go more for the products that can help care for their beards which we usually offer our Stevie's Mix and our Hair Growth Serum. Now please note that these are not the only products that our Male customers have only bought from us. Here's another product statistic:

Soaps: 20% Stevie's Mix: 30% Hair Growth Serum: 10% Body Butter: 20% Scrubs: 10% Essential Oils: 5% Shampoo: 5%

SHOCKED AGAIN!? Well were not! Our Male customers value our natural products and we assure them that it is both effective and useful for both Men and Women.

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