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Is Bad Hair even a Real Thing?

Is there even such a thing as bad hair!?

Hahaha, I'm sorry I had to laugh! But its just so funny when I hear people say "Wow, you have such good hair!" or "Her hair is not good!" or "How did you get your hair like that!?" or even better "I should perm my hair because I can't deal with this mess anymore!" Ladies and Gentlemen, please don't be discouraged! I have an announcement to make...Your Hair is Beautiful just the way it is! There is no such thing as bad hair, that has been a historical issue in our society today. Unfortunately, in this society, starting at a young age, we were deceived by TV, Magazines, Social Media, Movies, Songs, etc that White is right and Black is wrong. straight hair is better than curly hair, lighter skin is better than darker skin, skinny is better than fat...Do you see what I'm saying? If you were born with thick coily hair, it's still good hair but what we fail to do with any type of hair is learn how to maintain, treat and manage our personal hair so that it can thrive and be the best it can naturally be! So I encourage all of you, black or white, curly hair or straight or even wavy, to listen to your hair and see what it likes and dislikes so that you can have the best hair day EVER!

Here are a few ways to embrace and learn how to get your best hair day:

  1. Listen to it: Ok stop! Please don't grab your hair and physically listen to it, you'll look CRAZY! lol What I mean is, when you put a certain product in your hair, does your final results look beautiful, moisturized and breath taking or does it look dead, dry and lifeless? Which ever it is keep what works and throw out what doesn't!

  2. Read & Watch: Fortunately, for most of us, we have access to the internet or at least a library. Go read about hair care and in particular your hair type which you can figure out by reading a book or watching videos on the most powerful hair care platform of all time...YOUTUBE!

  3. Embrace YOU: Don't look at someone else 2a hair type and wish you had the same while you over here with 4b hair type..No no! Embrace what you have and learn about your hair type by seeing what others with the same hair type have done. You'll be happy you did, TRUST ME!

  4. Product Junkie Alert: I'll admit, when I first became natural, meaning not using any chemicals on my hair, I became a bit of a product junkie myself! I had so many products that I lost track on what worked and what didn't work. You don't want to do that... Find what works and stick to that. Don't go out and buy up half the store, you'll waste your money.

  5. Simplicity & Patience: Once you do figure out your hair and what products work for you, create a simple regime for yourself. For example, (shampoo, deep condition, leave in, style) do that once a week or stretch it out to two weeks, whatever works for you. Once you've done that then you have to be patient... I know, we all wish our hair would just cooperate after the first day but unfortunately life doesn't work like that. Be patient and know that in time you will get your hair down packed!

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