• Octavia M.

I Hate Monday's and I know you do too!

So you meant to say you love Friday's right!?

Nope! You read it correctly...I love Monday's; at least now I do! Monday's are the start of a new week, a new day, a chance to start all over again and maybe get something done right! Monday's has lost so much love and respect mainly because of our own choices that lead us to not be happy with our current situations or job's that we go back to that we dread every Monday. So in turn, we look forward to Friday's which we think is the end our miserable lives and try to enjoy the weekend off from reality! Guys! This is not good...in fact, it's pretty darn sad! We shouldn't be this miserable that we look forward to a tiny bit of our entire week to do something other than what we do 80% in life because that is simply not living at all! So let me give you guys some tips and tricks to try to make your life a whole lot livable!

Change Your Attitude

You ever heard that saying "You reap what you sow"? Well it's true! If you start off your week dreading to go to your 9-5 job then you will only produce negatively, depression and no motivation. But if you start out your week on a positive and hopeful outlook, you will see how your attitude alone can change the way your week productivity and relationships with others change for the better!

What Do You Really Want in this Life?

Careful what you wish for because you just might get it! Just like in this picture, we chase the "American Dream" which is Success, a lot of money, 2 cars, big house, white picked fence with a wife/husband, dog and 2 1/2 kids! But this is very shallow and can lead to depression if certain goals aren't achieved. We should all have a dream to pursue but note that with every dream comes hard work and patience. Not everything comes in the time when we would like it to and if it takes your whole life to achieve it, will it be worth it?

Persistence, Patience and Pursuit of Happiness

It took me a while before getting to where I am today and it's not even my end goal yet! I have failed many times before but I had to continue to be persistent and patient while still pursing my dreams. If you can practice these three P's then you can do anything that you hope and dream for!

Happy to help.

We hope these tips not only encouraged you but motivated you to not only pursue your dreams but to look at Monday's as an opportunity to start again a fresh new start or a start to something new that is positive.

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