• Octavia M.

Never Have I Ever...

Let's play a little game: Never Have I Ever...

If you have never played this game before don't worry its alright. It's really easy and very fun to watch your friends reveal their secrets right in front of you. But since we are not all face to face, these secrets will be between you and I. The game is simple, answer each question truthfully and you can choose to email us the answers but if you like it is not necessary at all...LET'S PLAY!!

Never have you ever bought our body butters and that's why your skin is forever dry?

Never have you ever tried our DeDe Deodorant and that's why you still smell at the end of the day?

Never have you ever soaked in the tub with one of our Bath Bombs because you don't have a tub?

Never have you ever washed yourself with one of our soaps because you have too many soaps already in your bathroom?

Never have you ever Shampooed your hair with our Black Soap Shampoo because your not sure if your hair will get clean enough?

If you have answered no to all of these questions then I don't know why you have signed up for this mailing list. lol If you have answered yes to all of these questions then you give yourself a big pat on the back because you a true supporter and lover of our business! If you have answered a few yes's and a few no's I would encourage you to take the step to try out more products or purchase more of the ones you actually enjoyed. We offer Free shipping always! THANKS FOR PLAYING!

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