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Find The "Right" Skin Care Product

How to choose the best Skin Care Product for YOU!?

If someone were to ask me what is the best skin care product that I use and what skin care product would be best for them, I would be truly lost for words as most of us should be...Not one of us can truly determine the best Skin Care product in the entire world let alone the USA. But now I'm being ask which one would be best for your skin too! There is just too many chooses to choose from and this is where we get hesitant, stuck and lost.

Just like our Hair types, our Skin types are not all the same either. There are so many differences and I don't just mean oily, dry or "normal" skin. Some people have oily skin but on their face they experience some dry spots that changes every season. Others have dry skin but more oily in the summer time. You understand? So how can I or anyone else say that this one "product" will work for all!? They can't because that isn't possible! But what is possible, is finding out what kind of skin type you have and what other problems you are trying to accomplish for flawless results and ultimately find the right product(s) for you!

If your a person with more drier skin I would first suggest our Body Butters. They have great moisturizing properties that last all day and all night, a little goes a long way and it doesn't leave your skin oily or sticky.

For more Oily skin, I would suggest our Lemon Scrub, Dry Clear Skin Mask or our Ginger Cinnamon Mask. Now depending on your skin personally all three of these have their own properties that may not all work for you but one of them can.

If your skin is more "Normal", not too oily and not too dry but your looking for a more smooth flawless look without pimps, blackheads and so forth, I would suggest our Coffee Scrub or Coffee Exfoliating Mask. It won't leave your skin oily or dry but it will give you that nice smoothing agent to help work out any imperfections you want to get rid of in no time!

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