• Octavia M.

I Think I Just Cheated

My goodness...Is it really TRUE!?

You tell me...Since I make my own Natural Hair and Skin Care products, would you consider it cheating if I used another brand as well!? I thought so when I started to get deeper into the complexity of my Hair care products in particular. If I wanted a good shampoo I would need to make it myself, if I wanted a awesome hair leave-in I would have to make that myself too. I have made most products I typically use in my hair and skin but that doesn't mean I should let go of other products I used in the past! I do use mainly my hair care products but sometimes I like to switch things up when I'm looking for a particular look, deep conditioning treatment and cleansing. I don't think that makes me a cheater but I do think that as a small business owner you should not only embrace your products but to be a supporter of others as well. Especially, if their products are good too, why wouldn't you support!? Remember, small businesses make up a good economy in every city, even where you live now! So I encourage you, good support 1 or 2 small businesses where you live because that money is circulated right back!

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